Algorithmic processing of video footage is used comprehensively by both the state and private firms to detect a range of human behaviours and data: from simple motion, to the age, race and gender of those being filmed. How aware are the public of these tools and how might designed experiences be used to reveal these mechanisms?

The work aims to question our notions of faith in contemporary life by drawing parallels between traditional religion and the obscured mechanisms which are developed to support advanced technologies; powering social media, data collection and state governance.

A freestanding screen is placed in the floorspace which displays a live feed of visitors standing in front. The footage gathered by the camera is processed by a computer vision algorithm, detecting bodies and other moving objects. The program draws a graphic bounding box around these objects. The screen then casts those graphics into the space in real-time, creating a mirror-like machine vision of the exhibition space which people can walk up to and interact with.
Timber, camera, projector, software.
Exhibited at 21st Century Faith, London (2017).